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John Edwards Automotive
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The condition of the brakes and clutch of your car are essential to the safety of you, your passengers, other road users and pedestrians. 

It is pivotal that your brakes are fully functional year-round which is why it’s important to get your brakes and clutch serviced every six months. 

At John Edwards Automotive, we know that brakes are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle, and treat brake and clutch maintenance with the utmost care. 

With over thirty years of experience servicing the Geebung area, we ensure that your brakes and clutch are serviced using the latest technology and diagnostic tools. At John Edwards Automotive, your safety is our priority. 

We Are Brakes And Clutch Service Experts

Being able to effectively stop your vehicle is the single most important safety function of any car. Whether this be slowly easing to a stop at a traffic light, or having to come to a quick stop in a critical moment, your brakes need to be working properly in order to keep everyone safe. 

Our mechanics understand that when it comes to servicing your brakes and clutch, prevention is key. It’s safer to prevent future problems during a routine service, than it is to let these issues go undiagnosed.  

As part of the John Edwards Automotive brakes and clutch service, our mechanics conduct the following based on the standard of and damage to your brakes:

  • Brake service
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake fluid change
  • Clutch repair
  • Clutch service
  • Clutch replacement

We place a high priority on getting the job done quickly, safely and efficiently so that you can drive away with the peace of mind that your brakes are working properly.

Trust Our Professional Mechanics

For Geebung residents looking for a brake shop with expert mechanics specialising in brakes and clutch services, John Edwards Automotive is the right choice.

Our team of mechanics are dedicated to preventing minor issues with your brakes and clutch escalating into dangerous problems. We conduct every repair and maintenance service with your safety in mind, using the latest technology and training. 

Get in contact with us today on (07) 3265 7734 or fill out our online contact form for a free quote. 

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John Edwards Automotive
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